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Momentum Handbag & Accessories

Momentum Studio is a brick-and-mortar boutique located at 40 First Street in Friday Harbor, WA, just up from the ferry landing. At the studio, we design handbags, sew leather goods, and talk to clients all day about which elements work best for her in a bag. We're a little nuts about these details and try our hardest to incorporate them into our line of bags. We offer other leather goods as well, to help with your every-day life.

Momentum Handbag & Accessories operates from four pillars:

1) Excellence in design and function of all offered products;
2) Sales to the end-user only, keeping our product close and our relationship with clients foremost;
3) Philanthropic motivation and giving, to make the world a better place; and
4) Best practices throughout, from start to finish.

There are two lines in Momentum's collections: Momentum STUDIO products are made in Friday Harbor, WA. Momentum HANDBAG products are designed in Friday Harbor and produced in Leon, Mexico, at an American-owned factory there. In either case, each piece is crafted individually by hand, from the finest materials available. Be assured that all the best, safest, and most equitable labor and production practices are well established and enforced in the production of MH products!

We are a committed group. We believe that life - with its challenges and joys - is to be held lightly, so we offer clients an assortment of wonderful, well-thought-out products to make their journey better.

We mean it when we say, "MOMENTUM LOVES YOU". We really do!